What our Partners say about us

A Griffith
MD Robert Sterling

“’GEQO’ is characterised by excellence, and is represented by those with many years of experience. This makes them instantly recognisable as special, with something good to offer.

It is clear that they are driven by a desire to serve their clients well, and to succeed. They present excellence of service in a simple family led way, quietly giving assurance to their clients, and always delivering what they promise.

One might say that their ‘uniqueness’ is their involvement, and they clearly believe that to get things right, there is a team, a client, a lender, a broker, a valuer and a lawyer – one wrong piece and the jigsaw gets close, but no cigar, short, or long term.

They are a breath of fresh air, and their integrity is to be applauded and lauded”

RSBS Developments
RSBS Developments

“Working with GEQO was one of the best things that happened to our company, taking over all the nitty gritty ‎and pressure involved in taking finance.

It’s like having an in house finance team…”


“I have worked with geqo now for a number of years with clients who have had extremely complex property deals – and have used GEQO to find a funding solution. The team have proven themselves time and again to work with the client and me as the legal advisor to find a funding solution both in terms of affordability and timescale that is achievable and meets the client’s vigorous demands and requirements.

I would say that their niche is being able to think outside of the box to find that solution that you just wouldn’t think was there!

They always make themselves available both to me and the clients – whether on the phone or an impromptu meeting called on very short notice –or even when Christmas shopping in London!

They are professional and knowledgeable but also very approachable which is exactly what you need when trying to get a matter through to completion.

I have no hesitation in recommending them.”